About us

"Abloom is all about art and creativity – the gifts we carry within. When we discover our spiritual garden, we blossom in our own unique way. This heals our souls and becomes a beacon that lovingly guides others to something bigger and more beautiful."

Abloom Collection is a signature project by Joanna Skantze, a conscious creative with over two decades of Art Director background. Teamed up with dressmaker Fredrika Lindvall, a recent graduate of The Academy of Cutting and Tailoring in Stockholm, Joanna reimagines pre-loved pieces into works of art that inspire us to explore the beauty of our inner landscape.

Joanna Skantze - Founder of Abloom Collection

A life-long learner and soul explorer, Joanna has decided to leave the advertising industry to embark on a new chapter of her journey that fully aligns with her heart's song. Today, she runs Studio Abloom in Stockholm, where she gives workshops on creativity and Spirit-Inspired Art. The Studio and all the beautiful energies it attracted became a potent container for new projects to emerge. Combining her interest in aesthetics with environmental awareness and intuitive work, Joanna envisioned a unique clothing collection – an invitation to embrace and manifest our own personal style.

As a manifestation of this inside-out process, the collection gives old garments a new life with the help of beautiful flourishing fabrics that reflect the beauty of Nordic nature, as imagined by Josef Frank and Jobs Handtryck, among others. Joanna and Fredrika seek out premium-quality pre-loved items across Stockholm’s second-hand scene and adorn them with beautiful vintage fabrics to create exciting colour combinations. This means each design is one-of-a-kind, making it a gem to treasure. 

Joanna and Fredrika met at an embroidery course that Fredrika taught, and the two of them quickly bonded over their shared interest in remakes, needlework and sustainability. Joanna’s vision and Fredrika’s skills became the perfect conduit for the project to come about.

Instead of following fashion’s ever-increasing speed and treating clothing as disposable items that can be bought and discarded on a whim, without respect and consideration for the resources that went into manufacturing them, the duo proposes a new paradigm. Their garments are created at their own pace, honouring the artisanal nature of the process, and are all available in the shop until they’re sold.

The principles of slow fashion combined with knowledge of the quality of materials and fabrics, sewing and embroidery and the leading theme of embracing one’s soulful growth are the elements that guide Joanna and Fredrika in their creation.

Welcome to the world of beautiful re-loved garments!

Explore the designs and find your inner bloom.